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t the beginning of each movie you watch there is inevitably a whole slew of trailers attempting to lure you back into the theatres. This, to some, is the best part of going to see a movie while others despise having to wait any longer for the feature presentation to start. Whatever you taste, we don't care. But in case you miss the trailers, here are a few upcoming films that we expect to be real stinkers, as well as upcoming rentals that we think are potential "BM Night" contenders.

June 26th

  • Eddie Murphy's new film "Dr. Dolittle" may provide a few good laughs but probably won't be one of his better films. "Out of Sight", the cop-criminal love story with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, is your best bet for a really lousy movie this weekend.
  • Australia (June 25): "Can't Hardly Wait", "Six Days and Seven Nights", and "Dr. Dolittle"
  • UK: "Mimic"

July 1st

  • In North America the big movie this weekend is the latest asteroids-vs-earth thriller, "Armageddon". We're split on this one. Some of us think it will be one of the worst movies this year, others of us think it will kick.
  • UK (July 3): "Six Days and Seven Nights"

July 10th

  • In the just plain bad category, "Small Soldiers" - it's a shame this had to be Phil Hartman's last movie. In the long-anticipated boredom category, how about the new children's film "Madeline"?
  • Australia (July 9): "The Big Hit" and "Species II"

July 15th

  • "There's Something About Mary" - the new Ben Stiller movie in which the only funny scene will be the dog sequence we already saw a dozen times in the trailer.

July 17th

  • We've been waiting a long time for it, and here it finally is: "The Mask of Zorro". Good, now I won't have to see that trailer anymore.
  • UK: "Godzilla" (Heed this warning from America... THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!)

July 24th

  • Sorry, Spielberg and Hanks, but the premise of "Saving Private Ryan" is just too far-fecthed. A must-see instead is "Jane Austen's 'Mafia!'" -- yes, it's gonna be a bad movie, but it's a FUN bad movie and it's Lloyd Bridges' last role!

July 31st

  • "BASEketball" will be a fun romp for the vulgar minded and a hellish agony for the rest of you. Enjoy! And, remember Super Dave Osborne? Well, this weekend you can see him in his new movie, "The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave". And, for you action fans, don't miss "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson.
  • UK: "Dr. Dolittle"

August 5th

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is back in "Halloween: H2O"

August 7th

  • "United Nixons" - bizarre psychadelic flick with a midget and a planned visit from Jesus.
  • Australia (August 6): "Dark City"

August 14th

  • The much-overrated Matt Damon gambles to pay off loan sharks in "Rounders". But, the must see bad movie this weekend is "Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver"!

August 21st

  • This weekend you get a choice between the teen-agnst thriller "Disturbing Behavior" or the college-loser MTV comedy "Dead Man on Campus".

Upcoming Video Releases...

  • June 30 - New on direct-to-video, "Postmortem" with Charlie Sheen.
  • July 7 - "Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear" -- babysitter + murder with Josie Bissett
  • July 14 - It's the jackpot today! First up is a nice heap of Betty White in "Dennis the Menace Strikes Again". You can then follow that up with some "Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island". But if bimbos aren't your thing, you can always go for "Jungle Boy" instead.
  • July 28 - "The Peacekeeper" - one man defeats nuclear terrorists
  • August 8 - "Pocahontas: Journey to a New World" - after Disney botched history with the original, let's see if they remember to include her being paraded around like an animal and dying in squalor at a young age?

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since our last
update and there's a whole slew of bad movies to
report on, so here we go!


Our picks for some of the worst movies this summer are:
June 26 - "Out of Sight"
July 10 - "Small Soldiers"
July 17 - "The Mask of Zorro"
July 31 - "The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave"
August 5 - "Halloween H2O"
August 14 - "Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver"
August 21 - "Disturbing Behavior"

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apoligize for that. But, here's a sampling:
"Can't Hardly Wait" (1998), "Blues Brothers 2000" (1998),
"Godzilla" (1998), "Bad Taste" (1987), "KISS Meets
the Phantom of the Park" (1978), "Reefer Madness"
(1936), "Deep Impact" (1998), "Deadly Hands of
Kung Fu" (1980), "Gamera vs Guiron" (1969), and
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